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Alex, a junior at Pent High, went looking for the musical casts in the auditorium and suddenly something strange happened as she goes through the closed curtains on stage. Into a whole new world where everything is based on a fairy tale, she meets charming and tough knight who is clumsy though. Read on and see how this ending would go for Alex and her fairy tale.

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xavntsibyang edited dialogue in "Alex" on 10/13/2014. xavntsibyang made 5 other changes. more
(sighs loudly and stands straight)
Dude what the fuck! Have you ever heard of private space? Scoot five more inches away from me. Gosh
xavntsibyang inserted dialogue in "gsgsg" on 10/12/2014. xavntsibyang made 55 other changes. more
ms. baker
Oh definitely, you just gotta be politer hahaha.
Okay, now you do want o eat that cake don't you? haha
xavntsibyang edited dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 10/12/2014. xavntsibyang made 7 other changes. more
(walks to auditorium to rehearse with musical cast)
(silence and darkness)
Hello,uh anyone here?
xavntsibyang edited dialogue in "Alex" on 10/12/2014. more
Hmm, nah don't bother. I can handle it haha
xavntsibyang commented on dialogue. on 10/06/2014. more
I don't understand the whew.

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