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A girl Katie wants to go out with a friend but cant borrow the car so she steals the keys

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KATIE is laying across her bed talking on the phone.
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Katie stands up off her bed and silently moves towards her bedroom door. She slowly opens her door, and makes her way to the pitch black hallway. AS Katie makes her way down the hallway she carefully puts her head on the door to listen, and looks at the bottom of the door for light. As she reaches the last door in the hallway she sees the light of the TV at the bottom of the door, and as she goes to listen she hears the subtle noise of someone snoring. Katie slowly opens the the door. Her DAD is passed out laying across the large bed. Katie is looking at the pile of empty beer bottles on the nightstand and notices the car-keys lying next to them. Slowly she makes her way to the nightstand were the keys are. Katie slowly picks up the keys. the moment she does the sound of a gunshot blasts off the TV and Katie jumps and drops the keys. Her dad moves around the bed and mumbles.

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