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Quick pitch

It is a story about a man who loves to sing. His every emotion is attached with a song. He loves to sing for himself and for others as well, but the only problem is he has very bad voice. Despite of his bad voice he dreams to entertain others with his singing.

His friends, family, everyone he started avoiding his singing part. The change in their behavior hurts him, but still he finds different ways to sing and entertain others, this didn't go well with others. They started warning him not to bother with his pathetic singing skills. He gets depressed with this rude response from his friends and stops singing.

After few months of observation he realizes that you can emotionally connect to a song but you can't replicate that emotion in same way with your voice. Just like you can like a beautiful girl stirs your feelings, but she may not be your soulmate.

Like everyone has one soulmate born somewhere, there is a song made for you. To emote, to feel, to dance & To sing.

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Shyam didn't get down from the car. He was listening to something in his headphones and humming in the car. Anish and others who were observing him turned curious about what was he doing. After 5 mins he got down and practiced to sit perfectly on his knees and recollected some lines which he has to say her. He called her after rehearsals.
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shyam stopped the car on the road between the two apartments. One in which bhargavi lives and the other one in which her friends are hiding.
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