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turning a corner

A man and a woman whose lives come together in what seems a cosmic twist, meld together and then realize that no matter how hard they try to coexist, they become wrapped in a pattern of co-dependency and abuse (she becomes verbal and physical abusive, he is completely codependent, yet supportive and loving) they have to separate as she can tolerate his inadequacies no longer. And as the man steps back from the relationship believing he cannot live without her, finds that his life begins to blossom and assume it's natural order, while hers, who they both believed was "together" and self-sustaining, completely unravels without him. The tale is of reconciliation and resolve and trying to understand that one cannot define what is supossed to be the natural oder of life, one must simply accept it as it is and allow the world to unfold. Whether or not they get back together is beynd their simple control no matter what they always believed.

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