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Since Grey and James became real new york gay. nand we decided to commit .
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Secene Switched to A plane landing at JFK. Eric, very Handsome Man,Walks through the Gate ( huge Sigh Of Relief) He is seen at baggage claiming picking up bags. Looks in his Wallet , Looks at cab ... and heads to the Airtran
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Grey (CONT'D)
This one's on me, I owe you one. And i dont want to hear anything , Save your money dude. Your gonna need it for your big trip.
I had very weird dream last night, About texas. Your were there. it was strange. Eric was there. By the way Did you get a text from Eric, I figured it was a mass text.
(looks up)
He is back. Tomorrow.
( long pause)
I told him he can stay with us....
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I'll be back in a few hours.
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Sam. Can you call a car for me? make sure the dry cleaning is good.i hope we are set for the space at 655. I need the complete guestlist emailed, I also don't want any press, i don't even want to see Bill Cunningham, rest his soul... where the hell is that invoice from the framer? Thanks, By the wAY I hate the flowers in the lobby... And can you please change those damn light bulbs...oh SHIT god did the invites get to the printers...

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