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(So..... last night? ... Well actually i want to start. I got the raping of my life and I enjoyed every minute of it. Rape is such a dark word ...I shouldnt probably use it when I'm talking consensual... but it felt like a really " Nice" Raping.
( shows off a bruise on his back)
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Grey reaches over and grabs his head and kisses his right ear. He walks out of the Ap
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Greyson Black(28) is Sitting on the toilet. Staring down at his Penis. Pulls his pants up. Walks over to the sink, looks at himself and washes his face. Shaves. Brushes his teeth. Buttons his shirt. Puts on a tie. Then Lotions up. Looks at himself for a long time in the mirror. He smiles. Opens the cabinet and goes through pil l bottles. He looks at one then pours a handful. He looks down at the floor at his bag, , drops the pills in the bag. also the razor and the tooth brush. He opens the bathroom door. There is a Man standing there when he opens the door staring at him with just a robe on.He walks over to him kissed him, passionately.
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Eric mistakenly nudges her.
VerdreGreen edited an action in "This is your first scene." 5 months ago. more
THAT NIGHT (Scene switches to GREY Behind a Guy with a leather hat and harness on, having very aggressive sex, and does a bump of cocaine right in the middle of it, falls to the bed, looks around the apartment and lights a cig)

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