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DarrylTran edited dialogue in "So Far So Good" a year ago. DarrylTran made 38 other changes. more
AARON, you did it! I can't believe we made that sale. Yes!
DarrylTran joined the project! a year ago. more
Sharkblock edited an action in "Coda" two years ago. Sharkblock made 4 other changes. more
AMY enters her apartment and AARON is alone outside. He bites his bottom lip before walking back into the apartment.
Sharkblock edited dialogue in "Coda" two years ago. Sharkblock made 7 other changes. more
Amy (CONT'D)
Oh, who are those for?
Sharkblock added an action in "Coda" two years ago. Sharkblock made 88 other changes. more
The camera slowly zooms in on the figurines on table before zooming out. When it reaches the original frame, KHARN and HYPERION are gone.

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