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3 students...different backgrounds....1 killer....how will it all end?

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alanah (ON THE PHONE)
I don't know...some group project or whatever...you know....for Klotz's investigative class.
Who cares...I'm SO OVER this....I just want to be in front of the camera...
I know, hopefully he doesn't..I mean, it can't be that hard to do right...he can't mess it up too bad...
Oh yea, I totally forgot about you party...You remember how sketchy Courtney's was? Well, you definitely don't want a repeat of that...
I mean a FEW of them are okay, but you don't want it to be like a totally ghetto thing...MAJOR FAIL!
Plus your dad said he'd totally rent it out for the night, right?
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Anchor (CONT'D)
Although little is currently known about the situation, it has been confirmed that an on-campus shooting is underway at the renowned College of Journalsim in Knight Hall. Officials say shots were first heard around 11 AM, and again at 12:20.
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Credits Roll
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..are we on?
OK. Thanks Jack. I'm in front of Knight Hall, where just in the distance, police say the alleged shooter ran into the back of the building after firing two rounds into a crowd of students, and could possibly strike again. It's unknown as to how many more students are inside Knight Hall, but University officials have reportedly issued a school wide lock down until the situation stabilizes. Be sure to stay tuned to CMS TV for your on-the-hour updates.
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The anchor suddenly grabs his earpiece in an attempt to better hear his producer.

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