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"Our reasons for being in Iraq are irrelevant. The outcome of our presence there, however is not. We accomplished several things in Iraq. We took care of Sadam Hussein. We turned the country into a tourist attraction for anyone who showed interest in killing an American. Finally, we made ourselves look like complete jackasses wandering around looking for weapons of mass destruction. Don’t take what I’m saying the wrong way, I know that the native people of Iraq are free to live a greatly improved life. If nothing else, their oppressive leader no longer stands in the way. This is the only thing that gives me any comfort when reflecting on Iraq. Perhaps, just maybe, Adel’s life will be a bit more fruitful than his father’s. But was it worth the loss of over 4,000 American lives? Was it worth they physical and mental scars that I (along with a hundred thousand other service members and vets)must live with until we depart this cruel world? "

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