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So many houses closed down through the state of Washington, so many disappearances. No regular person knows whats happening, suspects anything.
A tale of the gov'ts endeavers, killing people for war, experimentations. Buildings set up all over the state, country, training grounds for them, death places for the failed. No one knows exactly what these things are. Animals that are too smart to be simple animals, humans too blood thirsty, rabid, too distorted to actually be human. The house on Linder street is now revealed to be a hell to the teenagers. As the teenagers die slowly, one by one the creators watch the dying, cold and calculating. They broke the law and must now be punished in a way that never comes out.
If this did come out, all would be ruined.

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(V1's voice fades a little as he turns back towards the house, his figure revealing his movement. Wait for a moment and then he turns back so that its is possible to hear him once more.)
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Another teen slasher movie? Good build-up and dialogue but how do we avoid the movie cliches? Who wrote this?
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