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A family finally rejoins after being separated for 3 months. The father, Mark, had to stay in a small town called // |Edit| \\, waiting for the house to sell. While the wife in the family, Chrissteen moves to San Diego Cali. The son, Chris stays with his father. A horror film created by Phillip Tashash.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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phillip1620 edited an action in "San Diego Family house" on 09/25/2013. phillip1620 made 8 other changes. more
The house is fairly light as the FAMILY watches TV. An ad turns on. The TV volume is turned down.
phillip1620 edited an action in "Mysterious Introduction" on 09/21/2013. phillip1620 made 2 other changes. more
It's a cold night in San Diego, with Christeens husband and step-child coming home tomorrow. The basement is musky with dust floating around. A light is shined upon a dark and cold silver desk. We see a shadow move across the room, a slight mumble in the back ground fades in.
phillip1620 added dialogue in "San Diego Family house" on 09/20/2013. phillip1620 made 35 other changes. more
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