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Quick pitch

This is an atmospheric artistic film. Mainly to experiment with different story telling techniques and to take a stab at writing a full on short film script. Gaps in the story will be filled by stunning cinematic that both tell a deeper story and set the mood.

Roy, a conflicted yet determined college student wakes up late to class. When he gets to class he's the only one and things aren't as they seem. His best friend writes a cryptic message only to vanish before students enter the classroom.

After the day's classes Roy returns to his apartment and runs into his short term girlfriend named Abby. She had broken into his apartment to check on him after she secretly becomes suspicious about his plans to leave to Greece to work a new job. After expressing support for his leaving the two end the day and sleep in the same bed.

Roy, who has trouble sleeping leaves to go and clear his mind. He runs into his brother in a park, whom he nicknamed Cokes as a kid. Cokes is oddly dressed in a baseball uniform. Cokes misses Roy and gives insight into their personal lives. Roy tells Cokes he's leaving shortly before Cokes vanishes without a trace.

The story ends with Roy waking up in the park to a train whistle and rumble. He notices a couple of people packed to leave when a train whizzes by. After the disappear behind the passing train Roy decides to sit where they're sitting as the story fades to white. An alarm clock heard at the beginning of the story plays during the credit roll.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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