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At the dawn of the twentieth century, scientist Lewis Latimer discovers a magic lantern that allows him to peer into other worlds. His assistant, Edward Thomison, takes it further and opens the door to the other worlds, hoping to become ruler of them all. Will Lewis be able to stop Edward before he destroys the omniverse?

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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anton_eckhart added an action in "Love Triangle" on 08/06/2012. anton_eckhart made 22 other changes. more
The hall is empty and Linda and Lewis stand together cleaning up the mess that was made.
anton_eckhart added an action in "Friends" on 08/06/2012. anton_eckhart made 10 other changes. more
Edward is in pain and hunched over, falling into garbage cans. Linda runs out of the building looking for him, distraught.
anton_eckhart deleted an action in "Beginnings" on 08/06/2012. more
Edward fools with the engine in the corner
anton_eckhart deleted dialogue in "Beginnings" on 08/06/2012. anton_eckhart made 27 other changes. more
Edward, please see reason

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