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Quick pitch

Night-shift cashier Stephen Lee thinks he's found the love of his life but when
but instead of having sex in the World-Mart family bathroom, he ends up
in a distant planet, Genesis, the source of life everywhere. A woman
looking just like the love of his life is queen of the planet for about
five minutes but then the old regime regains power, throws her in
jail cell next to Stephen's. He must not only find a way to rescue
Queen Ofall (Krissy, love of his life) from life of imprisonment but
also get himself out prison, and then find a way to return to Earth (untold galaxies away).

And then the really interesting stuff happens: spiking company coffee with
magic mushrooms, murder trial, two stints on Death Row and more.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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haddienuff added a comment to World-Mart: A Musical Love Story two years ago. more
Interesting, makes me wonder what is going to happen between Stephen and Betty. Maybe nothing but looks like she knows how to score big so I am waiting....I have my suspicions. Thumbs up!
haddienuff joined the project! two years ago. more
LeeAEide added an action in "INT. WORLD-MART - LANE 20 - NIGHT" two years ago. LeeAEide made 33 other changes. more
She smiles seductively at him.
LeeAEide added an action in "This is your first scene." two years ago. LeeAEide made 5 other changes. more
Stephen and Warren sit next to each other. Bob prepares to bowl.

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