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Engage the kids as they build their cars, answer any questions. If they ask for help, find creative ways to encourage them to find the answer on their own. When there is 15 minutes left it is time to hand out wheels. Two options to hand out wheels: 1) have them line up and hand out At 10 minutes left set up race track. Have them line up and pick a buddy to race with and line up for their race.
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Alright, are you ready to start? I'm gonna count down. Make sure you wait for the word "GO!" Are you ready? 3...2...1...
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If you can hear me touch your nose. If you can hear me touch your ear. Welcome. Who hear has ever built a LEGO racecar before? So who can tell me what is the first thing we start with to build the LEGO racecar?
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A chassis is...a part of the car that connects the car from the front to the back and gives us a place to build our car. We can attach the wheels and the body and make it into a whole car.

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