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A small rebel ship crashes into the underground of corasaunt. The small team of professional guards must transport young princess leah out of the dangerous lower levels before the imperials catch the invaluable princess red handed in rebel activity. Will the local inhabitants help? Or hinder?

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concomstudios commented on dialogue. a year ago. more
Yes, the uruk is supposed to edit this for me...
AgentWolf commented on an action. a year ago. more
Ok, this doesn't make sense. Why would they be getting accurate hits all the time, and then all of a sudden when they try to shoot Octen, they start missing?
AgentWolf commented on dialogue. a year ago. more
This seems a little anticlimactic from what comes before
AgentWolf joined the project! a year ago. more
concomstudios edited an action in "Escape" a year ago. concomstudios made 23 other changes. more
As they drive away, the Dark Rebel takes off his helmet, and places it on the seat beside him.(they drive away from the camera, so we don't see his face.)

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