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Kathryna14 added a comment to Leilani's Dance on 03/01/2011. more
DAWWW!! it's a really cute ending and you really follow the hero's journey with the reconciliation with the father but it's a bit disapointing to not see how her dancing turned out.
Kathryna14 added a comment to Leilani's Dance on 02/28/2011. more
dod you show the plane taking off?
emileigh edited an action in "Return" on 02/28/2011. emileigh made 8 other changes. more
Leilani has a confused look on her face. She tugs at Joshua's shirt. He looks at her lovingly and kisses her on her forehead. He signs to her, "I love you, Leilani!" She smiles and looks out the window. Everything looks content. Music begins to play as the shot moves to the ocean outside of the plane. The shot fades into credits.
emileigh edited the scene titled "Return" on 02/18/2011. emileigh made 56 other changes. more
emileigh edited an action in "Introduction" on 02/17/2011. emileigh made 65 other changes. more
Leilani signs, "Why is 16 such an important age?" Sister 2 laughs an eccentric laugh as she speaks to her father.

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