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a couple of boys are in class and need to finnish a project they put on the back burner for too long, and now it is due, TOMAROW! so buckle up they will to get this project done. or face 7th grade again.

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legomation inserted an action in "home" on 08/21/2009. legomation made 12 other changes. more
eventualy, after about 15 minuts, fred and smith finaly gets to his room
send2derrick joined the project! on 08/21/2009. more
legomation deleted an action in "street" on 08/19/2009. legomation made 7 other changes. more
fred along with friend walk up to buss stop
legomation edited an action in "classrom" on 08/17/2009. legomation made 24 other changes. more
mr mc'lousy pounds on desk violently as paper clips fall

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