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Quick pitch

A five minute short that depserately needs creative collaboration from anyone who can help!

Gus is a nice guy. Get's to work on time. Tries to stay fit. Has a good taste in women...

This doesn't neccessarily mean that Gus isn't capable of murder, well, at least not...accidentally.

One night, Gus accidentally kills a love interest he's been pursuing. His friend Stewart, who unknowingly becomes an accessory to the murder, must help him bury her...

The film starts with a VO of Gus explaining most of the situation in quick flash back, cutting back and forth between flashback imagery and the two digging a grave and arguing...

I have a five minute time window... and this film will most likely determine if I get into my university's film program...I NEED HELP!!!

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

This project's owner invites everyone to work on this project! Collaboration-ville or bust!

Recent changes

grichardson added dialogue in "A quick idea for something in the middle" on 06/26/2008. grichardson made 8 other changes. more
Voyeurism aspect, I'd say.
grichardson edited dialogue in "A quick idea for something in the middle" on 04/19/2008. grichardson made 17 other changes. more
You’re right. We should really just bury
(“berry”, pointedly)
our differences.
stray added dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 04/15/2008. stray made 4 other changes. more
"These are indeed strange fucking times my friend. Very fucking strange indeed." He wipes his brow with a mud stained hand. "I mean, what was the biggest problem i ever dropped on you hah? Smuggle that money back into my mom's purse? That time i had you check out a wart on my dick?" "Is that what this is? Is this payback for me making you look at the wart on my dick?"
MattKleinFilms created this project! on 04/05/2008. more

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