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Jude- a charismatic pretty face, and Charlie- a genius social pariah, are best friends and college roommates. When they face financial difficulties, Charlie decides to start a cult with Jude as his messiah.

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Zesp added dialogue in "Airport" on 08/19/2014. Zesp made 37 other changes. more
You are the best friend a boy could ask for.
Zesp added a slugline in "Airport" on 08/18/2014. Zesp made 34 other changes. more
INT. int: airport
Zesp edited an action in "Moving" on 08/17/2014. Zesp made 9 other changes. more
JUDE steps through the door. NOAH enters with a fleet of animals by his side.
Zesp added dialogue in "Moving" on 08/16/2014. Zesp made 19 other changes. more
Yeah. Like the song. I, uh, I get that a lot.
Zesp added an action in "Here Comes The Sun" on 08/15/2014. Zesp made 6 other changes. more
Morning. CHARLIE sits in his room, fully dressed and typing. He prints out the papers and walks into the the living room where JUDE and NOAH are sleeping from the night before. He smiles and looks down at the papers.

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