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A recovering drug addict finds himself sealed within the confines of an obscure fabric of reality, in which he struggles to understand the very nature of his misplacement.

Project Type: Short Film (An hour)

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theryancenzon edited a slugline in "Scene 00" on 09/02/2014. theryancenzon made 8 other changes. more
INT. CGI: from the right corner of the screen, it begins to rain cgi xanax pills over caleb. The falling pills are in 3d.
theryancenzon added dialogue in "Scene 01" on 05/23/2014. theryancenzon made 31 other changes. more
Well, it went't a little like...
theryancenzon edited an action in "Monologue" on 05/20/2014. theryancenzon made 2 other changes. more
CALEB unties his tourniquet neck tie, wrapps it around his collar, lowers his shirt sleeve and wears his jacket.
theryancenzon edited dialogue in "Monologue" on 05/16/2014. theryancenzon made 2 other changes. more
Caleb (V.o.)(cont'd)
Welcome to your life. You're 27, and none of the things you should have done in life by now have been done. Life hasn't turned out how you want it to be, and it most likely never will. To accept that is to accept a nightmare. That nightmare hangs around you like a cancer, slowly eating your very being. The pain and frustration of the nightmare is all you will feel, for days upon days, until eventually, you will feel no more. Not even your own blood dripping down from your chin.
theryancenzon edited the scene titled "Monologue" on 05/16/2014. theryancenzon made 145 other changes. more

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