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Midnight is a junior in high school, she is in love with her neighbor, and her parents are alcoholics. She keeps her home life a secret from everything involving school, except Klaus her neighbor knows everything, he hears it all and lets Midnight vent to him.

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Both excited for the week get away with each other they can't even look at each other for fear of their feelings being shown through their eyes.
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You would think that they would notice the horrible parents or not knowing when you'll be home comments. They really make things all about themselves.
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You look beautiful. Stunning, makes me wish I didn't go to a private school.
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Midnight started putting on her dark makeup, fixing her hair. When she seen Klaus exit his home she stopped for a second to watch him. He was so graceful to her. She admired his no care in the world attitude, the way he always got his jet black hair just right in the messy just woke up kind of way. His has a uniform that he wears, but he adds suspenders to give it some of his own style.

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