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FreelanceAnthem edited dialogue in "Newscasters Annie and Denise report on & discuss the video" on 08/19/2014. more
Welcome to KTCH News at 5, I'm Denise Eisenhower. Tonight's top story: the webcam diary that's gone viral: reality or publicity stunt?
FreelanceAnthem deleted dialogue in "They play the video" on 02/26/2014. more
You're alone, Connor. You always have been.
FreelanceAnthem inserted dialogue in "They play the video" on 02/22/2014. more
Thank you, David. And an update from last night's top story, Connor DuClerque, self-proclaimed author of the latest hit novel, "Untold Darkness," has released another video to accompany his first, a
FreelanceAnthem inserted a slugline in "They play the video" on 02/22/2014. FreelanceAnthem made 28 other changes. more
INT. INT. news studio - dusk
FreelanceAnthem inserted an action in "They play the video" on 02/21/2014. FreelanceAnthem made 25 other changes. more
Connor turns back to Grace. They exchange a look in silence, then walk on.

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