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RockeyAnadia edited dialogue in "Scene I" on 12/30/2010. RockeyAnadia made 41 other changes. more
The Goddess of light, who had loved with all she had, began to expire far before her time. Her blood began to boil. The white cells over-took the red and the cancer spread.
RockeyAnadia edited an action in "Scene I" on 12/29/2010. RockeyAnadia made 73 other changes. more
BOY sits in the cair facing away from the audience with his head hung low he unclenches his fists, out falls one grey scarf and one blue scarf representing the clouds and rain. With one last breath GIRL drops the last of the white, yellow, and red petals from her fists so show her death
RockeyAnadia edited an action in "Scene I" on 12/29/2010. RockeyAnadia made 36 other changes. more
B hears G laughing and he sits, peering out his window as G laughs and spins in delight.
RockeyAnadia added an action in "Scene I" on 12/22/2010. RockeyAnadia made 23 other changes. more
G & B, after playing out PA's part of the story abruptly stop

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