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i didnt know you were on plotbot... and it looks like you joined my project at 12 last night... you were awake that late??? — ArianaLove on 04/02/2012

Hello Sadie. My name is Matt, I'm from Hastings, England and I thought this looked quite interesting. Hope you don't mind but heres my thoughts on your story/plot. Is Evangeline actually very ugly or is it more of a metaphor on feeling alienated and/or disenfranchised as a teenager? Perhaps she has body dysmorphia? A mental condition that manifests internal struggle as The Devils she sees? Leviathan seems the nicer of the two, could it be an Angel and a Devil (traditionally warring for her soul) Lets assume the Devils are real, why does she see two Devils? Could one or both of her parents be Devils too? It may explain her feeling like an outsider. The guy that falls for her, has she corrupted him or has he saved her? If she is 'saved' by this man, do the Devils disappear? Or do they kill him? Well, get back to me if you wanted to discuss, I am quite happy to thrash out ideas with you. Thanks, ciao! — Khybosh on 05/28/2012

Hello Matt.
Actually the points you have discussed is something of which I have been trying to figure out. I am sorry for the late reply, I haven’t been on here in awhile as I was trying to analyse my characters, their story and why they are who they are. Evangeline has grown up without her parents and was in the custody of her foster parents. Her foster parents are highly religious people but more of an occult, where they believe young girls are wicked and teach them that they are wicked beings who must have the wickedness punished out of them. In these teachings her foster father’s favourite saying during these punishments is “You wicked girl! Tone for your ugly, and get rid of these devils that you manifest. Then maybe the angels shall guide you into the light!” It was on one of these occasions that Evangeline had managed to run away and hide in a crumbled building, where she is found by a nice old couple who took her. She had only known that kindness for less than a month when they had ended up in a car crash in died. So Evangeline is mentally unstable due to the disillusionment which was put upon her by her foster, and the death of the elderly couple which she assumed was her fault for being “ugly”. The devils that she sees are indeed both devils manifested by her insanity. As you see Leviathan I think is your perspective as he is just like the other. As for the guy that falls for her, he is her hero figure. She sees him as this godlike entity. In reality he is just a normal guy who is more attuned to her than the others as he senses her depression and mental instability. He relates to her as he grew up with an abusive father. His abusive father was eventually sent away to prison.

Let me know on your thoughts/ideas as you seem to have a good insight and even complex mind which I appreciate 
Let me know if we could expand on or change some of this as this will help with story line. — Sadie on 05/29/2012

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