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When the daughter and girlfriend of an imprisoned young white rapper disappear, the journalist who smashed him to pieces the most is the only hope for the truth.

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The record sales of Robinson’s latest album entitled “JP Morgan Bass” has already sold over eight hundred thousand copies and is set to go platinum later this year. Though despite the high spirits at TechWire Records, this will probably happen while Lil’ Christmas is incarcerated.
Look, people make mistakes, and sometimes somebody gotta pay, somebody-somebody gotta make big man happy, you feel me? They wouldn’t’ just send me to jail, nah, nah, they gotta fine me too. Ok, Ok. I’m ok with that. I’ve got the money. But who don’t? Look around the ghettos, look at the inner city. Look at Compton, look in Artesia, you think they can afford these f***ing fines? Hell nah. They just tryna get paid, just like me, just like you.
You aren't ready for that! You are 25, might I remind you. You want to report, you report what I tell you to report ok. And I want you to stop acting like a spoiled brat and telling me what you want to do, ok? I'm your boss. Do you understand?

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