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Steven points to stage right, the curtain opens and an 85 year old lady on a scooter comes flying out onto the stage at forty seven miles and hour does a wheelie, two donuts and disappears behind the curtains at stage left. A loud crash is heard back stage, a few strange objects roll out from behind the curtain. A silent pause and then an old lady shouts from back stage
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I was looking for a Medical mobility scooter for my ninety year old father-in-law today. I checked out the: sizes, speed, range, portability... you know, the usual stuff. Then I checked the customer sanctification ratings and "comments". I was reading about one particular scooter, a three wheel scooter that really looks cool. It has a range of forty miles on one charge, a streamline design and has a top speed of 47 miles an hour, which is about 10 times faster than all the other scooters... So I'm thinking, why would any elderly or handicapped person want a scooter that went forty seven miles an hour?... Then I scrolled down and read the very first customer comment. It was from an eighty five year old lady named Lilly... I would now like to read directly from her comment. "I really love your scooter with it's fancy modern design. It did however take some getting use to. The speed knob for instance should have larger printing on it. Turn left for slow and Right for fast. As I was adjusting my bifocals to read the instructions I grabbed the handle to bring it closer to me; which brings me to the second thing. You should also have a warning sigh about the throttle being located on the handle. I was told by one of the nurses in the nursing home that dove out of my way as I shot by her... at forty seven miles an hour, that she hadn't seen anything move that fast in that nursing home hallway since old man Crawly ate all that rum cake and chilly. Your scooter also threw me three times. One time I ended up in the intersection of Magnolia and Main street. I'm not complaining though. Your scooter took me back to the nineteen thirty's when I use to brake wild horses on our family ranch. That's why I gave your scooter five stars! Thanks for the great memories and a great ride"... Well after reading her comment, I thought, wow!, what a tough old broad she must be. So my producers and I decided to invite Lilly on the show. And her she is ladies and gentle men... Miss Lilly Tomas.
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