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Quick pitch

Short horror film in which Abraham Lincoln, an android from the future sent to our present to destroy our past.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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silent_Walker edited an action in "Causing a Scene" on 08/26/2013. more
Young Lincoln, runs to the front entrance of the yard, and enters through an open door. He takes cover under a sheath hung over some boxes that towered high.
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Young Lincoln, runs to the front entrance of the yard, and enters through an open door.
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INT. int. chicago -streets
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onizero commented on the outline. on 04/09/2008. more
Here is the scene that I thought was neat from the notes.

Well one scene that I think will be cool in the movie would be
Abe chases after a blond hot girl down some dark corridors till she is cornered. She trips, screams, and stumbles into a corner. She puts her hands up in defense and screams as she tries to crawl back further into the corner. Abe shows up from the dark cornering the hot blond girl.
Girl: "What are you going to do to me?"
Abe pauses and looks at her as he straitens his shirt.
Abe: "I can not tell a lie."
Abe bends down slowly to get face to face with the scared girl.
Abe: "I'm going to murder your face."
Then there is a flash of lighting and a scream.

Just thought that would be a neat scene

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