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Lisa Hargreaves is your average 27-year-old woman. She has blonde hair, pale-ish skin and is very creative. She is shy, and not all that. She lives in an Edwardian house with her best friend, Edith. She also has a very rich sister, Anna.

Lisa is a dramedy, but not that dramatic. It is suitable for all ages. It is based on the Sims 2 story (I have 100% full permission to make this by the story creator)

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PinkyWriter added dialogue in "Scene 3: 10:00 - 11:00" on 09/19/2009. PinkyWriter made 6 other changes. more
That's gonna be fun when you tell everyone his first word!
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Mitch takes Chuckie out of the pile. Chuckie lets go of Lisa.
PinkyWriter added dialogue in "Scene 3: 10:00 - 11:00" on 09/13/2009. PinkyWriter made 38 other changes. more
I think I found Chuckie. under a pile of toys, groping my breasts.

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