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giselle baumann
okay well, she is totally trying to steal my boyfriend!
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Good,Persephone is a funny name!
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Alice is washing her hair with water and a paper towel, for about 10 seconds.
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Alice is watching the tape, its blurry and you can't hear anything. then it says "this is such a gift." in Persephone's voice, Alice takes the tape out but all the insides are broken and all over. she is working on trying to fix it when the phone rings, Alice goes and picks it up.
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Alice arives at the casket, she looks in and see's that there are drug's in it, ton's of them, even some lighter fluid. Alice look's disgusted. just then a guy dressed like a hipster comes up and put's some weed in the casket. alice takes it out and throws it back at him.

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