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After citizens of a small American town begin disappearing, three people fear that the kidnapper is that of the unknown, and decide to take action. Chief Warren begins to patrol the streets in hopes of finding the perpetrator; Miles and his girlfriend, Vanessa, decide to drive across the Canadian border; and Paul decides to purchase a gun and take to hiding inside his home. Unfortunately, the three of them receive more than they initially bargained for, facing a night of subsequent terrors.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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The front door to his office is now being knocked on -- three knocks and then silence. CHIEF WARREN stares into the distance in even more fear and confusion; at last, another three knocks, and CHIEF WARREN promptly grabs his gun and advances slowly towards the closet door. With much tension and suspense, he opens the door in a slow manner -- another three knocks, and he is completely out of the door, on high alert.
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PAUL cocks back his gun in preparation for a likely ambush -- he looks around him in nervousness, making sure he is completely hidden. He then places the gun on the floor in preparation. He appears incredibly anxious as he quickly takes a knife from his pocket and prepares it for use.
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MILES backs up the car and quickly drives out of the shot. There is a chaos that is only beginning.
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We are in a dim room, seeing nothing but a couch, the fancy carpet under it and the bland, dirty wall behind it. In the distant background, we hear the sound of furniture falling to the ground and smashing, getting hit and put against walls -- though none of this chaos enters our shot. Distant improvable profanities are drowned out by the ever growing voice of destruction.
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