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JohnMitchell added dialogue in "St. Kylie's (2)" on 03/05/2011. JohnMitchell made 34 other changes. more
REG (het up)
Two words for you, Gordon: motive and opportunity. You’ve got motive. You’re always moaning about poor Kevin--
JohnMitchell edited dialogue in "St. Kylie's (2)" on 03/04/2011. JohnMitchell made 7 other changes. more
(rolls his eyes, speaks loudly)
Oh for Christ Sake, it’s a Happy Clappy!
JohnMitchell edited dialogue in "St. Kylie's (2)" on 03/04/2011. JohnMitchell made 6 other changes. more
Since arriving in Little Numpty I’ve been so busy, getting to know the village and meeting some of you Parishioners. I apologise to those whom I have not had the pleasure of speaking with yet, but must say so far I have met some
(searches for an appropriate phrase)
colourful and interesting characters. I think I am rather going to like it here with all you Numpties. To cement our new friendship I think we should all sing a song together…
(gets his guitar, places it over his shoulder)
You should all know this one!
JohnMitchell edited an action in "Reg's Back Garden (2)" on 03/03/2011. JohnMitchell made 54 other changes. more
REG, trying NOT TO PANIC, is rattling a pastic tupperware container of CHICKEN FEED, SEARCHING.
JohnMitchell deleted a shot in "This is your first scene." on 03/02/2011. JohnMitchell made 20 other changes. more

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