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LouHommel added a comment to Maggie's English Garden a year ago. more
By all means, seek another project. I have deleted this project and moved it to private with the same name. I will remove this project when those who have joined have left. this will keep others from joining by accident only to find that it has been moved to private.
LouHommel deleted the scene "INT.MANOR HOUSE. MID MORNING" a year ago. LouHommel made 5 other changes. more
ShittyMovieGuy69 joined the project! a year ago. more
LouHommel edited a slugline in "Maggie's English Garden" a year ago. LouHommel made 17 other changes. more
INT. deleted
LouHommel deleted an action in "INT.MANOR HOUSE. MID MORNING" a year ago. LouHommel made 420 other changes. more
she made enough only to maintain

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