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Quick pitch

A young boy struggles with trying to get out of his abusive father's household. He meets a lawyer while in the park one day. without even know he is a lawyer, Blake confines in him. Telling him about his father and about him wanting to leave his current foster home.

This is a short story. That was an assignment for my creative writing class.

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BLAKE sprinted out the door and ran to the bus. JAKE smiled and looked over his newspaper and at the picture frame on the wall. In the picture frame it was BLAKE's birth certificate. On the paper it had BLAKE JONES, (mother) SARAH CALLOW, (father) JACOB Jones.
Faith_Justice added dialogue in "part 4" two years ago. Faith_Justice made 2 other changes. more
Why did he avoid answering the question about my dad?
unicorn added dialogue in "part 4" two years ago. unicorn made 9 other changes. more
I have to go give these files to someone I'll be back.
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BLAKE stood up and JAKE grabbed BLAKE's bag and put in the trunk of his car. BLAKE got in the front seat and buckled up.
Faith_Justice added dialogue in "....." two years ago. Faith_Justice made 7 other changes. more
He was drunk and my foster mom did't give a crap.

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