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(irritated by his obnoxious behaviour)
Yeah, and there are theories that sometimes a picture may show us your Mum.
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skalska (CONT'D)
“Vodniks”. The name first appears in “Cathechism Conferencia” written by reverend Pavel Gilovski in 1579. Water demons born from souls of drowned men and children cursed by their mothers
(starts wandering around the room)
They capture and drown people, then eat their bodies. They can look like small children...
(she displays a corresponding picture)
... children that can easily drown a grown man... or men in wet, torn clothing
... or even young girls
The Christian treatises associated demons with devils, so they advised the faithful to put a rosary around a drowning man's neck to scare the vodnik away...
(The policemen laugh)
... but then some legends claim that fighting back against a vodnik is practically impossible. Does anyone have anything to add?
KCH_dll inserted dialogue in "SCENE 12" on 07/30/2014. KCH_dll made 117 other changes. more
Yeah, it's done. Just like you said. Everybody got some.
Lucy_Saxon edited the outline. on 07/30/2014. more
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(gets between them, showing a couple more pictures)
Hey, look, these are the places which I… ummm… saw in my dreams. This is the other side of the river, and this is the warehouse where that Skullcat's gig was… You recognise them?

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