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The story goes along with four friends on a hike, one of them is filming the entire walk and as Jack and Clyde talking in distance, Sam talking to camera about Jack being a snake, walks up to jack and punches him in the back of the head and Jack gets knocked to the ground and hit’s his head on a rock. Sam stands over him Clyde drops and he turns Jack over he is dead. Clyde freaks out and runs away Sam follows and grabs Clyde then punches him and pushes him back to the site. They dig a hole and dump Jack’s body into the hole, then Sam throws the camera in as well. The screen is left blank but then the camera is dug up and footage is played of Jack driving and talking to the camera.

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Sam's a good guy, but he thinks I messed with his girlfriend, I didn’t just so you know but I think he’ll realise that
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Sam runs after Clyde and camera zooms in, when Sam catches up he punches Clyde to the ground and yells at him. The drags him back to the camera.

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