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Long Lost Love is a short film of a girl named Sydney. Sydney lives in a post apocalyptic world alone. She scavenges for supplies daily and goes through shelters with each passing week. Her fiance, Allen, has been lost for three weeks, right when the apocalypse began. They lost each other in the confusion of the event called The Big Shock. The Big Shock is the combination of the US government making the internet only available to upper class citizens and giving the upper class citizens other rights denied to anyone else. People went insane and starting stealing and attacking innocent upper class citizens. The Military stepped in and began wiping out any rioters. Sydney lost Allen in a crowd when the shooting began and they haven't seen each other since. Her mission is to reunite with Allen. The question is, is she willing to do the unthinkable to find her long lost love?

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

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For Allen.
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Sydney fills her water bottle with water from the faucet. The faucet runs out of water and drips small drops of water into her water bottle. Sydney sighs and twists the cap onto her water bottle.
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you have boom boom story.you have to start with booms from first scenes.why from begging to know that she is looking for him,or who is he?can Sydney be mysterious and show her character later on.can she will represent like bad girl,maybe she want revenge,maybe Adam is quilty for her destiny..maybe she have to pass a lot and on the end shoe reason of her serach
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Dark Figure
They aren't going to give up your Allen no matter how many times you bat your little eyes. You are going to have to fight for the first time in your sorry life.
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Sydney lies on the floor,looking at ceilings,water drop,Sydney catching each drop trying to fill up bottle,looking at gray walls full with holes.Its silence only sound of mosquito drive her crazy.Sydney is looking for cigarets in her pockets..Finding empty box,but finding and Adam picture.Looking at Her,long,and suddenly boom-somebody broke window.Syndey collecting her things-time to escape and find new shellter....

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