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A screenplay based on the Kurt Vonnegut Jr. short story of the same name.

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It is a beautiful summer day. The yard of the house is neatly kept; the car is expensive and clean and the street is vacant. NEWT is walking up the street towards CATHARINE's house. He reaches the house and walks up to the front door. He strokes his chin, thinking for a second before shaking his head and stepping back down onto the top step. But then again, he stops, shakes his head once more and walks back to the door. He knocks, only twice, but sternly. A few moments pass until Catharine answers it, carrying a large bridal magazine.
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She sits down around 10 feet from him; facing him.
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One foot in front of the other-through leaves, over bridges-
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How did we get so far from home, Newt?
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Oh, Newt-you're fooling me about being A.W.O.L. aren't you?

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