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Angela and Ray are a typical couple going through common issues. However problems arise when the husband is thought to be caught cheating and is in a two way battle to keep his wife and get rid of his annoying co-worker. Taiwana the annoying co-worker is plotting to destroy Ray and Angela's relationship in order to create her own.

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Angela's eyes lock on a book sitting on a table. This one happens to be her favorite. Right when she picks up the book a phone vibrates. Its Ray's phone. A text message appears on the screen. It reads "Did you get rid of her?" The message was by Keisha. Angela is shock, angry, and confuse all at once. Ray enters the house just in time. Angela doesn't know what she is going to do but she knows she is going to confront him.
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Love, the feeling of finding peace in another's heart. The thought of closure in ones presence. It's emotion beyond the eyes. An almost .. spiritual. Love can sometimes cause pain, but in the end we forgive and continue.
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