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Quick pitch

Sequel/pilot for Life with Derek spinoff/sequel thing; please do not judge as if it is serious or that I am trying to make this a real project. I am aware that I do not own Life with Derek, nor am I trying to make this a reality.

Project Type: Television (30 min)

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Recent changes

rwbesocute edited dialogue in "Casey's Apartment, Jamie's bedroom" two years ago. more
Look you are really confusing me now. You're Edwin right? The only step-brother who can talk in full sentences SHOULD be Edwin.
rwbesocute edited the scene titled "Party 2" on 03/14/2014. rwbesocute made 2 other changes. more
rwbesocute edited dialogue in "Casey's Apartment, Living Room" on 03/08/2014. rwbesocute made 18 other changes. more
Can someone please explain to me what is happening?
(To Derek)
Who ARE you?
rwbesocute edited dialogue in "Casey's Apartment, the aftermath" on 10/14/2013. rwbesocute made 4 other changes. more
Sweetie I don't think you can justify breaking up with him after that kiss.
rwbesocute added an action in "Derek's Dorm Room" on 10/12/2013. rwbesocute made 43 other changes. more
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