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A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. Appearances are not always as they seem.

Project Type: Short Film

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Jacobs added a comment to Magalis11 on 04/20/2009. more
Great job Brooke I enjoyed reading this. You should keep it up!
Jacobs commented on dialogue. on 04/06/2009. more
Got it. I knew O.C. I guess I should have thought about it a little harder! Great job so far Brooke.
Brooke commented on dialogue. on 04/03/2009. more
O.S. means off screen. There's O.C. too which means off camera. I'm pretty sure O.C. means the character is in the scene but they say their dialogue while they are not on camera and O.S. means they are not physically in the scene but they have dialogue. I'm pretty sure that's how it is at least.
Jacobs commented on dialogue. on 04/03/2009. more
Brooke- What is O.S.?
Brooke edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 04/02/2009. Brooke made 43 other changes. more
The POLICE break down the door and come pouring into the house. The secure MRS. STANTON. They search the vicinity but they do not locate WOLF. One OFFICER walks towards the now empty safe and glimpses the back door. It has a blood stain. The police look at one another flabbergasted. The blue lights are still flooding through the windows. The CAMERA begins ZOOMING out. We see MRS. STANTON standing among the POLICE OFFICERS.

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