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When John Cutrone pledged his life to Christianity for his wife he wasn't expecting God to take him up on his offer that night. Now standing in Heaven John must help the powerful deity and his son restore order when a peace treaty between themselves and the other gods goes wrong.

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not again
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(Seeing the crowded lines, John is at first indecisive about skipping the line but, eventually does. Some people on the line make gestures of anger but he arrives to the front just as the Man on Line moves away)
BryantCovington edited dialogue in "Scene 3" on 12/14/2009. BryantCovington made 44 other changes. more
I know, that's why I'm back. God is ready to see you now.
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Yes. Man Sees God.
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Purgatory Clerk
Excuse sir, you cannot just skip the line!

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