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AMANDA and SHELBY have been waiting in line for a least an hour inside of Disneyland's Indiana Jones Ride. The line is long and moving at a rather slow pace. The waiting line decorations are dark, somewhat ominous, and riders are forewarned that certain areas are booby-trapped, barely hinting at the danger ahead. AMANDA and SHELBY continue to move forward in the line, 15 minutes away before their turn.
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Ride Voice
Foolish Mortals! You looked into my eyes, your destiny now lies beyond the Gates of Doom!
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I'm not answering that, now let's go!
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But it wasn't bad...
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The jeep is nearing the end of the ride, turning around a rough corner before starting to climb up a hill. A sudden realization hits AMANDA when a large boulder appears in front of them, rolling in their direction. The jeep begins to move backwards and she prepares herself for what happens next.

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