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Quick pitch

This is a story about love, and the inability to love properly.

Daisy, 27, is mentally disabled. She works in a small grocery store, and she's infatuated with her coworker, Cole.

Cole, 31, is not mentally disabled, he's just very silly and too unambitious to advance in his career or move out of his parents' basement. He finds that he cares for Daisy, too. He sees past her disability to her beautiful, pure heart.

Daisy has an overbearing mother (Marge, 51) who suffocates her with criticism and constantly reinforces Daisy's belief that she is stupid and too dysfunctional to fall in love.

Each day, Cole gives Daisy a jawbreaker. It's his secret way of telling her that he loves her. Daisy never finishes the jawbreakers, but she keeps them in a secret stash under her bed.

Each day, Marge bombards Daisy with vocabulary words in an attempt to make Daisy a more eloquent speaker. Marge is ashamed of her daughter's disability. Marge does love her daughter, but is bad at showing it.

When Cole finally asks Daisy out on a date, Daisy is conflicted about telling her mother.

Will she finally be able to stand up to her mother and find true love?

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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Marge is stunned. The doorbell rings
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Sterling. Cool. So, uh, what are you doing tomorrow?
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Daisy turns and leaves, closing the door quietly behind her.

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