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Margot returns

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I was excited to see the invitation because I really missed my family and friends from Venus. I have always dreamed about coming back home to see all my family and friends. Since I always told the other kids about how life was better on Venus than on Earth I knew that was very rude to leave everyone since they all have experienced what the sun is like on Earth. I decided to go to my reunion and take five of my closest friends that helped me adjust to Earth so they can see what it is like for me when I first came to Earth. It took me a while to decide who to take with me because I had a lot of people help me. Everyone kept acting sad trying to hint to me to take them but the only person I told so far that was coming with me was Frankie. I was very overwhelmed about everything as I was laying in bed but when I thought about seeing my parents again all the worrying went away.
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My friends and family have started to arrive and the reunion is about to begin. Later into the night we watched firework and danced to the music. My friends and I got to stay for the next two days and then we had to go home. I don't think that my friends really wanted to leave but I could tell that they missed everyone on Earth. We got so many picture while we were there it was almost to many to show everybody. I wish everybody could have came but I still had an amazing time going back home!
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My trip to Venus was about to start. I was scheduled to leave on the second of July and arrive that night. I seriously can not wait for the fireworks! It has been a really long time since I have seen what Venus looks like and I really want my friends to see it. *Me and my friends started packing our bags today and we leave very soon. *I am taking Frankie, Jen, Todd, Sophie, William. ( I've never been this excited in my life) *I wish I could've taken my teacher but she insisted she had to stay with the other children. *My friends and I got onto our space craft and then we were off to Venus. *We have a 9 hour trip ahead of us.

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