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That is NOT what this is.
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Well, L.A. fell first. First their emergency services went, then the government staffers started fleeing, or dying. I watched it all on TV as New York started having riots. Jaden and I were in math class together... they tried to pretend everything was normal. If you'd believe it, we were actually taking a test. The kid next to me started nodding his head, his hands were trembling, he was sweating... his eyes were all cloudy. Next thing we know, he's lying on the ground having a seizure or something. I was almost paralyzed for a second with... fear? I couldn't control my body, but the next thing I remember is huddling against the wall. Jaden grabbed me by the arm and pulled me through the crowd of students learning of what happened. We were the only two to make it out before the police secured the perimeter. His parents were both teachers, so he had nowhere to go. We go to my house, windows are smashed, my street is in a full out riot. Our car's gone. I figure they've gone to my grandparent's. So I convince Jaden to come with me. Neither of us wanted to say it but... everyone in that school would likely end up dead.
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CUT TO RAMONA and CLAIR, talking while Ramona fetches supplies and stitches up Clair's arm. Ramona catches Clair up on what's happened in the month she was in juvie. (riots, power loss, food shortages, emergency services shutting down, hospitals overrun, eventual collapse of the major u.s. cities etc.)

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