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Masters of Signal: The Rise of Alpha Company

The Configs; long ago they were used to communicate with the gods. Only the pure, Soldrins, could truly access their true potential. Many dark factions longed to obtain the secrets of the Configs to use for their own dastardly deeds. For the through the Configs, and therefore communicating with the gods, any wish asked would be granted. One day a foul group of people, hungry for power over all known as "The Dark Faction, tried to take the Configs. They slaughtered the Soldrins; little did they know that the Soldrins were the only people who knew how to access the Configs. The leader of The Dark Faction was furious, but he found one thing he didnt expect. A child; the last living Soldrin. The Dark Faction leader knew that the only way he would be able to obtain the Configs, would be to raise the child and build up his empire until the day came that the boy would access the configs for "The Dark Faction", which would later become: Alpha Company!

Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)
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