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This is a short film about a a couple of high school kids - a jock and class clown - who are best friends. One day, the jock becomes star-struck at the sight of an urban "princess," so his friend decides to help him get the girl. However, a challenging suitor (who is the most pretentious nerd on the entire campus) stands in the way between the jock and his crush. After a variety of antics, the jock finally gets his girl... but before he realizes that is urban princess is a little bit more "traditional" than he thought!

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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[LEAH goes back to embracing DIRK. DIRK turns his face around and looks nervously at HARVEY, whom is stunned. After a brief moment, he gives a sheepish shrug.]
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INT. INT. A Hallway - Day
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He's talking to Leah!
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