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Quick pitch

This screenplay will attempt to create a faithful adaptation of the Max Payne from video game to screenplay.

Since the true rights for Max Payne are unattainable (I'm sure you knew there is already a movie, but I don't consider it a very good adaptation), this is a just-for-fun project, mainly for my own satisfaction. I'm looking for people that could have some fun helping out.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

This project's owner invites everyone to work on this project! Collaboration-ville or bust!

Recent changes

Elijah edited an action in "Scene 1 - Opening" on 10/19/2008. more
The shot opens over the frozen New York bay. A strong wind howls and a heavy snow is falling. The camera pans up to show one part of the city, barely visible through the storm.
Elijah edited the outline. on 10/19/2008. Elijah made 3 other changes. more
Elijah edited an action in "Scene 1 - Opening" on 10/19/2008. Elijah made 1 other comment and 13 other changes. more
The helicopter zooms past the camera. The shot pans with it to reveal the other half of the city behind. The chopper hastily flies over the frozen waters and above the numerous skyscrapers. A subtitle reveals the scene - "New York City. Present Day. One hour ago."
Elijah edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 10/19/2008. Elijah made 18 other changes. more
The shot pans up and we see the large Aesir building towering into the night sky. The camera slowly begins its ascension to the top of the building.

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