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INT. ext. sarah's house - midday
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Kenzie sitting there still crying but more than earlier. her heart is broken but she knows tyler is right. when he says i love you it makes everything worse cause that was the last thing simon said to her. she feels as if everything has been ripped from her. she feels alone and empty. she keeps thinking and crying for a second. wipes her face and stands up. she starts pacing back and forth like she is having a panic attack but she isnt. she stands in front of tyler with that sad lost puppy face. tears streaming down her face.
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tyler, i know what your saying is right and that i should go on with my life but you know how hard it is to do that? i went to sleep by his side, i woke up by his side. we did everything together. now i have no one to do anything with. i dont wanna sleep next to anyone else. i dont want to wake up to anyone else. this shit is so hard to deal with and im only 16 i shouldnt have to deal with this much pain. and you know what is the main thing on my mind? i think he isnt coming back.....

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