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Technology is not all the benefit that society has asked for for the past millenium. In the year 3009, technology finally outdoes all science-fiction novels and movies, moving to a new era---one with moble machines to clean, feed, work, and serve. This works for a decade, but when one machine is taken off the conveyor belt in a robot factory to be tested on. The machine is selected to test the new upgrade---an upgrade of no beneficial value---that begins what is called World War III.

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Get a hold of yourself man! I would never let a piece of worked metal that we created and programmed wipe out the human race on Earth, or even touch one of us right here, at this moment, though things seem tough and grim, we can find a way to get through this, I know we can. There has to be a way.
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What do you think is the machines' next move? Do you think, one day the machines will find how we stay alive, and deplete our resources, and then find a way to cut our communication to each other, or even find a way to---
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